What to Know Before Buying Travel Insurance

Mid-trip is not the time to discover a surprise clause in your travel insurance. To avoid potential mishaps and opportunities to overpay, travelers should take certain steps before investing in an insurance plan. We have provided a brief checklist to make you feel more secure in your purchase.


[ ] Have you compared rates? We do not advise purchasing travel insurance from smaller vendors. Instead, check sites like InsureMyTrip, Travel Guard, and TripInsuranceStore to make sure you are getting the right price.


[ ] Have you asked your friends and family? If an acquaintance has had a good experience with a particular provider, ask them about it! This is the best way to feel confident about your investment.


[ ] Have you read the entire policy? This is the best way to prevent surprises. Be sure to comb through the inclusions on your plan to ensure you get the best package for your trip.


[ ] Have you booked your trip? The best way to get discounts and additional coverage is to purchase your insurance directly after booking.


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