The Ultimate Ski Travel Insurance Resource Guide

This is where our specialty interests enter. Our organization is designed to inform travelers of the importance of travel insurance, but our primary goal is to help athletes—particularly skiers—make savvy trip and vacation choices. Travel insurance is especially important for those travelling with large, expensive pieces of equipment, as well as for trips relying entirely on the weather. Below, we have listed a few reasons why you should double-down on your ski trip before hitting the slopes.


Accidents happen, especially on the slopes. Though ski injuries have decreased by nearly 50% since the 1970s (chalk it up to better equipment and a more comprehensive ski education), accidents do happen. The thing about accidents: they’re completely unpredictable. Danger exists everywhere on the mountain, from chairlift boarding to that bratty kid bombing down the double diamond behind you. Ski travel insurance can save both you and your trip; if you experience an injury during your stay, you’ll be covered.


Your skis are expensive. You should protect them. Skiing equipment nearly always has to be checked in with the airline; it is too big to fit anywhere else but in the hold of the aircraft. This puts your equipment in the hands of people you don’t know. Airline coverage for lost, damaged, or destroyed bags is extremely limited, and they have cap on liability even if your gear is expensive. Moreover, if you are transporting rented skis, you will be liable for additional costs. Ski travel insurance protects your gear and your wallet. Planning to rent skis at the resort? You will likely be travelling with expensive cold weather apparel, so travel insurance is still a great investment.


When your trip relies entirely on weather, travel insurance is necessary. You can’t control the weather, but ski travel insurance will keep you from worrying about it. Whether the resort can’t make enough snow, warm weather turns everything to slush and grass, or a blizzard closes your local airport, most ski travel insurance policies will cover cancellations, interruptions, and delays. When you can’t rely on the perfect alignment of weather and dates, travel insurance will help you keep calm.


Ski trips are expensive. Insure your investment. The cost of lift tickets, ski rentals, airline tickets, and hotel rooms can add up to a hefty price tag. If you throw in a last-minute cancellation, you can lose a lot of money—sometimes thousands of dollars if you are planning a family or group trip. Moreover, trip costs are on the rise; ski resorts have seen large price increases, and a single day at a popular resort like Jackson Hole or Aspen will cost more than $100 per person.


Planning a ski trip without insurance is a massive financial risk. A good ski travel insurance policy will cover trip cancellations as well as travel interruptions and stolen or lost baggage. Travel insurance will help you in case of an emergency, but it will also let you relax a bit; after all, you’re on vacation.

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