What to Look for in Adventure Travel Insurance

Every plan differs in its provided benefits, coverage limits, covered reasons, and exclusions. If you are searching for ski- or backpack-related travel insurance, you should look for a few key benefits. Below, we have listed our top six benefits to look for when deciding on an insurance plan or coverage option.


Emergency medical benefits. This provide benefits for losses due to covered medical and dental emergencies that may occur during the trip. If you suffer an injury or hypothermia while skiing, emergency medical benefits can reimburse the cost of your medical care.


Emergency medical transportation benefits. This will provide medically necessary transportation to the nearest hospital or facility following a serious illness or injury experienced while traveling. If you suffer an accident while skiing, these benefits will pay to transport you to the nearest hospital.


Baggage loss/damage benefits. This can cover loss, damage, or theft of baggage and personal items. This is essential for those traveling with expensive ski and snow equipment, especially those traveling via airplane.


Trip delay benefits. These benefits can reimburse you for additional accommodation and travel expenses if you experience a departure delay of six or more hours. If you plan to fly home from Vail, this coverage will help you pay for a hotel and meals in the case of a flight-cancelling blizzard.


Baggage delay benefits. These benefits will reimburse you the additional purchase of essential items during the trip if baggage is delayed or misdirected by a common airline carrier for 24 hours or more.


24-Hour hotline assistance. This provides access to assistance teams to help with travel emergencies and last-minute questions about coverage. If your passport disappears while you are backpacking across the tundra, this team will help connect you to local embassy staff to get a replacement.

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