Group and Business Travel Insurance

Traveling together and need group travel insurance? Instead of going to the trouble of arranging individual cover for each and every member of the party, which can be costly and time consuming, why not take out a group travel insurance policy with Ski Travel Insurance.Com to cover all of your group at once? A group travel insurance policy will give complete peace of mind when on your active travels – safe in the knowledge that should you encounter any trouble – you are well and truly covered. Ski travel insurance can cover all your wintersports, mountain, extreme and adventure travel requirements and can provide discounts for groups of 5 people and more.

Planning a business trip?
Traveling on business is essential for many of us, but it can be a real chore at times. Being away from home and your loved ones can be bad enough, but things can get really bad if you have an accident or are the victim of a theft. So, make sure you’re covered with business travel insurance. In theory your employer should pay for any medical attention you may need and should probably have corporate business travel insurance policy in place to cover for any losses you incur. But don’t bank on it!

There are plenty of business travelers who have discovered to their dismay that their company hasn’t in fact arranged adequate business travel insurance coverage. Don’t presume that you will be able to claim against an annual travel policy. Most insurers exclude business travel from their policies. If you’re self-employed, you may not even have thought about the necessity of business travel insurance.

The answer is to sort out adequate business travel insurance cover before you go. After all, you’ve probably got plenty of other things to worry about. And, having the right cover in place will ensure a hassle-free trip. Not only does ski travel insurance provide ski and snowboarding insurance it also caters to business coverage. You can even increase your business travel insurance benefits to include computer and equipment insurance for all your trips.

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