Annual and Long-Stay Ski Travel Insurance and Snowboarding Insurance

The advantage of an annual travel insurance policy is that there is no need to worry about arranging cover for each journey you take and it’s usually better value than buying individual policies for two or three trips a year. An annual travel insurance policy allows you to travel as many times in the year as long as each trip is not longer than 45 days. Up to 17 days ski travel insurance and snowboarding insurance is included free with all our annual travel policies.

However, if you’re going to be skiing or snowboarding for more than 17 days, you can either purchase a single trip or long-stay ski travel insurance and snowboarding insurance policy for each trip. All winter sport activities can be covered, even heli – skiing / boarding. This is the home of the ski travel insurance and snowboarding insurance specialist. Annual travel insurance and ski travel insurance and snowboarding insurance is also backed by the UK largest insurance companies.

Annual travel insurance including ski travel insurance and snowboarding insurance is an even better deal for families. Insurance for a couple will be cheaper than for two single adults and cover for a family with children under 18 is not usually much more expensive than cover for a couple. Do watch, though, for restrictions on how the cover works. Some family travel policies only cover the family if everyone travels together. The best policies will cover each adult travelling on his or her own, and even unaccompanied trips by the children.

Long Stay Travel Insurance

So many people are going abroad these days and the duration of journeys is ever increasing. You may be going on a longer holiday or trip than usual, maybe you want to ski/ride the winter or stay with relatives on the other side of the world. You might even want to take a temporary job during your stay. So make sure you’re covered with long stay travel insurance.

If you have the right long stay travel insurance, you’ll be confident of knowing that should you fall ill or have an accident you’ll be able to get the necessary medical treatment you need. You could find yourself facing a hefty medical bill if you fall ill abroad without long stay travel insurance. There’s also the risk of losing your personal possessions and equipment or having them stolen. Long stay travel insurance will allow you to replace them or will ensure that a loss doesn’t become a financial crisis, too.

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