Hazardous Pursuits Coverage

Standard Premiums
Ski travel insurance typically covers skiing, snowboarding, snowskating, snowblading,
telemark, snowmobiling, toboganning, cross country skiing, monoskiing, ice skating, and recreational racing
We also cover off piste skiing and snowboarding with or without a guide except where it is undertaken in designated unsafe areas or outside ski area boundaries. But in addition to these winter sports activities, some policies will cover other activities and hazardous pursuits. This includes things like:

Archery, Badminton, Baseball, Basketball, 3 Bungee Jumps, Canoeing, Cricket, Cycling, Golf, Jogging, Marathons, Netball, Orienteering, Parascending (over water), Rambling, Roller Blading, Inline Skating, Skate Boarding, Running (both Sprint and Long Distance), Safari, Scuba Diving – under 14 days (Qualified, max depth 30m), Snorkeling, Squash, Swimming, Tennis, Trekking (under 2,000m), Triathlons, Volleyball, Water Polo, Water Skiing, White/Black Water Rafting (Grades 1 – 4), Windsurfing and Yachting (both racing and crewing) inside territorial waters.

The following amateur activities may also be available with or without paying any additional premium:

Abseiling, Boxing Training, Camel / Elephant Riding or Trekking, Cycle Touring, Passenger (in Private/Small Aircraft or Helicopter), Football, Go Karting, Hiking (over 2,000m but under 6,000 m), Hockey, Horse Riding (not Polo, Hunting, Jumping), Hot-Air Ballooning, Jet boating, Jet Skiing, Kayaking, Motorcycling under 50cc (no Racing), Trekking (over 2,000m but under 6,000m).

Additional Premiums
The following amateur activities can be covered but typically require additional premiums and specific declarations.

Flying (piloting Private/Small Aircraft or Helicopter), Manual Labor (at ground level, no machinery), Martial Arts (training only), Motorcycling over 50cc (no Racing),┬áMountain Biking, Rugby, Scuba Diving – under 14 days (Unqualified, max depth 30m), Scuba Diving (Qualified, max depth 40 meters) over 14 days, Sea Canoeing, Surfing, Gliding, Paragliding, Parachuting, Parascending (over land), Sand Yachting, Sky Diving, White/Black Water Rafting (Grade 5 to 6), Yachting (Racing or Crewing) outside territorial waters, Canyoneering, Hang-Gliding, High Diving, Horse Jumping, Parasailing, Rock Climbing, Rock Scrambling.

Any activity not listed above (or any of the above sports on a professional basis), which could be considered a hazardous activity, sport, pastime or employment (involving an increased risk of injury), may not be covered under the policy unless specifically declared to, and accepted by, the issuing agent at the time of taking out the policy in return for additional premium.

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